Intelligent Forecasting Prize Winners

Meet USAID's Intelligent Forecasting Prize Winners!

After testing the accuracy of nearly 80 models from 40 competitors during the Intelligent Forecasting Competition, USAID is excited to announce the selection of two winners! These innovators will receive $25,000 in prizes for creating models that more accurately predict future use of contraceptives at health clinics in Côte d’Ivoire.

The winners were announced on November 12, 2020 at the Center for Global Development’s virtual event, Improving Global Health Forecasting: Data Science, Advanced Algorithms & Partnerships. Video of the event is available to watch online.

Inventec Corporation
First Place Winner

Competitors from Inventec Corporation’s AI Center in Taiwan not only developed the highest-performing model for this competition, but had three of the four best-performing models. Their most accurate model had an average MASE score of 0.9904.

Inventec Corporation participated in the Intelligent Forecasting Competition because:
“We want to improve human well being by applying AI logistics forecasting."

Inventec AI Center advances Inventec Corporation’s smart manufacturing capabilities, as well as pioneers future AI technologies and products in areas such as smart health and smart computing hardware. Inventec AI has solved smart manufacturing problems such as the logistic management process for forecasting parts needed for manufacturing the products, built systems for automatically qualifying products for mass production, and developed novel methodologies for efficiently creating AI models for visual inspection. In pioneering future AI technologies and products, Inventec’s AI Center is investigating smart health for the wellbeing of mankind, smart computing including AI chips, architectures, and infrastructures for the ever-more demanding needs of AI computing.

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Rasyid Ridha
Second Place Winner

Rasyid Ridha, an analyst from Indonesia, not only developed one of the highest-performing models for this competition, but also had all three models perform in the top ten. His top model had an average MASE score of 0.9980.

Rasyid participated in the Intelligent Forecasting Competition because:
“I love playing with data. Forecasting is a very hard problem and I want to deal with it to further improve my skills. In addition, I am very passionate about creating something related to data that can be impactful for others.”

Rasyid is an analytics professional with over four years of experience and strong expertise in R programming. He is skilled in data visualization, statistics, customer analytics, and machine learning, and he is passionate about building scalable analytical products and solutions that create long-lasting impacts. In 2018, Rasyid won first place in the Withdrawal Forecasting category at the Finhacks Data Challenge: ATM Cash Optimization, which is the biggest national data science competition about cash withdrawal forecasting in Indonesia. Rasyid currently works as a business intelligence analyst at a technology company in Indonesia.

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