Eligibility Criteria

Prospective competitors should read the following eligibility criteria to confirm their entries will be reviewed by the judges, as the first step of the submission process will be to take an eligibility quiz.

  • Open to a range of non-traditional competitors  - We are open to approaches from individuals, the private commercial sector, small and women-owned businesses, civil society, university, non-profit, and community or faith-based organizations with which USAID has not worked directly. Public sector or government entities (excluding universities) are not eligible.

  • Local Right to Operate - Competitors will be asked to share registration documents in the country to demonstrate legal status to operate where their approach is taking place. 

  • Willingness to share learning - All competitors need to be willing to share their experiences and learning to help establish a body of knowledge that can bring about a greater awareness and sustained change in locally-driven health systems partnerships and providing integrated primary care for the poor and most vulnerable.

  • Intellectual property - Competitors must clearly mark any confidential or proprietary content (including intellectual property and trade secrets) that they wish to protect. The competitor will retain ownership of such confidential or proprietary content. USAID will protect such marked confidential or proprietary content, and will only use it as necessary to administer the competition. Competitors must have rights to all of the intellectual property in the submission. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that they are not infringing on the intellectual property of others.

  • English only - Competitors must submit their entries in English. While entries will be decided on the strength of the content, we encourage applicants to invest in a translation or have someone with strong English skills review their submission to ensure that they are showing their work to their best advantage.

  • Completeness - Incomplete entries may not be accepted.

  • On time - Late entries may not be accepted.

  • Eligible to receive USAID funds - USAID will conduct a responsibility determination to ensure that the award to the winning individuals or organizations meets applicable U.S. laws and policies, including but not limited to regulations administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of Treasury. For more information, see the OFAC website, including the list of Specially Designated Nationals. Countries have been added and removed from the list on an ongoing basis and USAID will conduct checks over the course of the prize.
Competitions for Development

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