Submission Process

Below is a walk-through of the process you will follow when applying. This is NOT the application itself. The only way to apply for USAID's Inclusive Health Access Prize is by following these steps on the Application Intake Portal.

Step 1: Login or Sign Up 

USAID's Inclusive Health Access Prize is being implemented in partnership with Global Innovation Exchange (GIE). The first step in the process will require you to create a GIE login (or to log in if you already have one). You will then be directed to the application site.

Step 2: Eligibility Quiz

You will be directed to a page where you establish your eligibility and acknowledge USAID's responsibilities to you during the entry phase of this prize. Prospective competitors should read the eligibility criteria to confirm their entries will be reviewed by the judges. The eligibility review will be internally conducted by the team.

Step 3: Fill Out Your Application

Your Details

1. Full Name*

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2. Job Title (if applicable)

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3. Email address*

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4. Address

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  • City*
  • State/Province/Department/Territory
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  • Country*

5. Phone number*

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6. Name of entity, if applicable

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7. Type of entity* (drop down)

  • Private Foundation
  • Partnership
  • NGO
  • Higher Education/Research Institution
  • Vocational Institution
  • Commercial Enterprise (Business Entity, Firm, Syndicate, or Company)
  • Start-up
  • Other
  • Not Applicable

8. What is the size of the lead applicant organization/team?*

  • 0 – 10
  • 11 – 50
  • 51 – 200
  • 200+

9. Website URL (if applicable)

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10. Type of Business Registration

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11. Please upload a copy of any documents demonstrating you have a legal right to operate in or are a valid locally registered entity in your respective country with the official governing national registration board. Documents may include organizational registration or incorporation documents, work permits, visas, MOUs, etc.*

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12. Please list the location (city or region and country) where your project/approach/solution/intervention takes place.*

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13. Where was your organization founded?

  • List countries

Your Partners

14. Do you have any current partnerships with a government ministry, agency, or municipality?*

  • Yes
  • No

15. If so, how many?

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The following questions ask you to list your priority partners:

16. Name of Partnering Organization 1 (if applicable)

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17. If available, please upload a letter, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Letter of Agreement (LOA), or other documentation affirming your partnership - Organization 1

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18. Name of Partnering Organization 2 (if applicable)

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19. If available, please upload a letter, MOU< OA, or other documentation affirming your partnership - Organization 2

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20. Name of Partnering Organization 3 (if applicable)

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21. If available, please upload a letter, MOU, LOA, or other documentation affirming your partnership - Organization 3

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22. Name of Partnering Organization 4 (if applicable)

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23. If available, please upload a letter, MOU, LOA, or other documentation affirming your partnership - Organization 4

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24. Please describe in detail how you and your partners work together, and their contributions to your approach to ensure its ability to overcome barriers to success. The contributions could be financial, trusted local networks, technology, technical assistance, access to a specific sector, etc.

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Your Approach

25. Title of your approach*

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26. Tweet your approach in 280 characters or less*

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27. Please summarize your approach without including intellectual property, confidential, or proprietary language (lest it be included in future public materials promoting the prize finalists).  A subsequent question will ask for more detail including any proprietary or confidential content you may be willing to share.  You may include the same content in both questions.*

(form field, 100 words)

28. Please describe your approach and use evidence to speak to how it addresses the Inclusive Health Access Prize problem, namely how a private actor like you expands access to vulnerable groups in coordination with the public sector. Please be sure to note where you are operating, who you are serving, how your approach is locally-embedded and driven, and with what public institutions you may be working in partnership. This section may include intellectual property, confidential, or proprietary information. It is okay to include the information you shared in the summary section.*

(Form field, 125 words)

29. Please describe how your approach addresses the needs of poor and vulnerable populations, explains or indicates potential causes and solutions of identified gender gaps, integrates with public health care system stakeholders, provides accessible, affordable, accountable, and/or reliable care; and may contribute to multiple health program areas (e.g. HIV/AIDS, malaria, maternal and child health, etc.) at the primary level and strengthening of multiple core functions of the health system (e.g. health financing, governance, human resources for health, medicines, etc).  For definitions of these terms and examples of what these terms entail, we encourage you to consult the Judging Criteria.

(Form field, 625 words)

30. Finally, based on your current work, please furnish your plans for scale-up or replicability that demonstrate how your work might be expanded.  We are keen to learn more about:

  • Your vision and plan for expanding your approach, including expected population outreach and impact.
  • How your organization intends to sustain its model without donor funding once it is scaled or replicated.
  • Any evidence-driven conclusions you have made about what in your approach is locally-specific and what can be expanded or replicated in new geographies.
  • Any examples you have of previously successfully replicating or expanding your approach in a new geography and the resultant lessons learned.
  • A description of any scaling models (e.g. building a delivery network, acquisition, influencing others, or growing your own team) you intend to use as part of your scale up or replicability plan.
  • A projected feasible time horizon and the steps you might take to achieve this plan.*

(Form field of 500 words (equivalent of two pages, double spaced)

31. You may submit or upload no more than one page (which may include charts, graphs, tables, or other iconography) of additional supporting evidence for your approach. We welcome national, local, facility reports, or visualizations on health services and outcomes delivered. Both qualitative and quantitative data are acceptable. We encourage you to disaggregate indicators by gender and to refer to USAID’s Bureau of Global Health’s Health System Strengthening--A Compendium of Indicators for additional guidance on how USAID prefers evidence and results communicated. (Optional).

32. How is your organization currently financed?*

(form field)

Program Evaluation and Needs Assessment Questions

Please note, your answers to the following questions will have no bearing on the evaluation of your application.  They are for internal program purposes only.

33. What percentage of women constitute the team that developed this approach?*

Dropdowns in increments of 10%

34. Please list any policies, procedures, strategies, and/or activities your organization has in place that support women and underserved group’s advancement or address persistent gender gaps (e.g. equal opportunity policy, affirmative action recruitment procedures, inclusion strategy, or gender outreach group)*

(form field)

35. How did you hear about the Inclusive Health Access Prize?*

  • Mailing List
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Events
  • News Media
  • Web
  • Personal Outreach
  • Global Innovation Exchange

36. Why are you taking part in the competition?*

  • The competition inspired me to create something new.
  • The competition can show me how to transfer my knowledge/ability for new purposes.
  • The competition is a great opportunity to partner with more experienced people and organizations.
  • I am interested in winning a prize.
  • I am interested in increasing my reputation.
  • I am interested in doing something that can help people.
  • I would like to develop more partnerships.
  • Other: (form field)

37. Have you previously heard about public and private integration for health?*

  • No, never
  • Only a few times
  • Many times
  • I was already doing it

38. Have you ever thought about replicating, expanding, or scaling your approach?*

  • No, never
  • Only a few times
  • Many times
  • I was already doing it

39. Have you ever participated in an open innovation competition before?*

  • Yes
  • No

40. If yes, which one(s):

(form field)

41. Have you ever applied for donor funding before?*

  • Yes
  • No

42. If yes, which one(s)

(form field)

43. Please rank in order of priority the type of support that you will need to further develop your approach?* (1-Low Priority, 5-High Priority)

  • Needs Assessment/Business Diagnostics
  • Monitoring & Evaluation/ Impact Assessment
  • Sales
  • Market Research and Expansion Strategy
  • Marketing/ Communications
  • Business Services
  • Fundraising/Investment Readiness/Financial Systems
  • Human Capital
  • Partnerships
  • Product Development, Manufacturing, and Engineering
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Technology
  • Other support

44. Partnership support (if so, with what types of organizations)

(form field)

45. Other/s, please specify:

(form field)

46. As part of your participation in this prize, you have access to Global Innovation Exchange (GIE). Appropriate information from this application will be used to create an innovation profile on GIE like this one (if you don't already have one). GIE provides innovators access to additional opportunities such as GIE's Innovation Finder, which matches funders with innovations. You will be able to edit or delete the profile later. Please confirm that we can list your innovation on GIE.

(form field: Confirm, I would like to be part of GIE. No, I don’t want to be part of GIE)

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