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Gender-Based Violence & Environment Resources:
Gender-Based Violence Resources:
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The USAID funded Passages project (2015-2020) addresses the root of chronic challenges in sexual and reproductive health such as gender-based violence, child marriage, and unintended pregnancy by transforming social norms. The Project has developed a wealth of helpful resources, including:
  • Brief: Transforming Masculinities (2017). Evidence-based approach to promote gender equality and positive masculinities within faith communities
  • Brief: Growing Up GREAT! (2017). Toolkit of age-tailored, gender-transformative materials exploring reproductive health and well-being, gender-based violence, and gender equality.
The Learning Collaborative for Advancing Normative Change envisions a world where the powerful influence of social norms in shaping adolescents’ lives is widely understood, and where projects and programs improve adolescent sexual and reproductive health by applying normative science at scale.

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