Conservation International Foundation

Project: Alto Mayo Landscape Without Gender Violence
Period of Performance:
January 2021 - January 2022
RISE Competition Round 2:

Conservation International Foundation (CI) is partnering with PROMSEX to implement the project in Peru: Alto Mayo Landscape Without Gender Violence.

This project seeks to shift harmful gender norms and beliefs about women’s and men’s roles in society, the sanctioning of violence, and community processes for dealing with violence in Peru’s Nuwas Forest by addressing the drivers of GBV. CI and their partners are providing training to 70 women who manage the Nuwas Forest on their legal rights and sexual violence prevention, and are helping the community to develop informal support systems for GBV survivors. CI engages with men and boys in the community to explore concepts of masculinity and transform attitudes that contribute to GBV. Additionally, they aim to bring government GBV support services closer to the community and build the capacity of staff, partners, and the local indigenous federation to respond appropriately to incidents of GBV.

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