Project: Reducing Gender-Based Violence in Vietnamese Conservation
Period of Performance:
December 2020 - June 2022
RISE Competition Round 2:

WildAct-Vietnam is partnering with CARE Vietnam and the Vietnam Association of National Parks and Protected Areas to implement the project in Vietnam: Reducing Gender-Based Violence in Vietnamese Conservation.

In the 16th most biodiverse country, issues around gender inequality and harassment impact women’s involvement with conservation initiatives, hindering progress on the vital work being undertaken to protect Vietnam’s fauna and flora. This project seeks to empower local women, leaders, and conservation organizations in Vietnam to address the challenges of gender inequality, harassment, and unsafe working environments that women face in wildlife conservation. WildAct-Vietnam and its partners are establishing workshops and trainings with employees working at all levels within wildlife conservation organizations to discuss their working environment, fieldwork safety, and perceptions of harassment in the workplace. The implementers are convening meetings with managers and other leaders to exchange knowledge and experiences in order to create a safer environment for employees. The consortium is establishing a Vietnamese Women in Conservation Network and create workplace safety materials for women in conservation that both organizations and government agencies can adopt.

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